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Semi Private Lesson

Alternatively, semi-private1-on-2 lessons are available, for those who are seeking to book a lesson for both themselves and another individual, with a view to share the experience.


Semi-private lessons are limited to two persons at a time. We can either accept split payment (with each of you paying half), or full payment from one of you (in the event you wish to treat the other to the experience).


Due to the nature of these semi-private lessons, they will not be evenly split between 30 minutes of coaching and 30 minutes of practice like the private lessons are, but instead will see one person coached, whilst the other practices, alternating throughout the hour.

 JML GOLF Academy is equipped with the world's most trusted launch monitor used by PGA Pros.  Using the most accurate data - students can see what each club's doing, from club data to ball data, and how that's affecting their overall performance.

 There's no need for guesswork or someone's subjective opinion.  We use GCHawk Launch Monitor, the most accurate launch monitor in the market.  This technology will deliver objective data and you can make smart changes and also see how those changes are impacting the flight of the ball.

 Each lesson is tailored to each individual student, without the guesswork but focused on making appropriate changes to each student's needs.  These changes will surely lead to great results on the course.

Improve Club Data(1).jpg

Swing Catalyst is #1 GOLF video analysis software and it is used by top coaches around the world. 


At JML GOLF Academy, we use video analysis to capture live video from a range of cameras.  Using the best high-speed cameras, we have the most accurate and clear frame-by-frame swing, which gives accurate feedback and review on the spot. 


 Your lesson video can be sent to your email or private YouTube for you to take home to review and practice during your own time at GOLF6iX or on the course.

 Swing motion is complex data and with a launch monitor, you can get the ball and club data which are the information about results.  With the K-Motion program using the K-Vest, we get the real-time cause data to accelerate player learning.

 At JML GOLF Academy, K-Vest is used to answer the question, "Why did it happen?"  We look at each player's swing, what did they do to make their club and ball do what they did?

 With K-Vest lesson, we get complex data and translate it into easy-to-understand visuals then it is used to create the appropriate training tool to baseline a player quickly, make fact-based decisions to change ball flight, and track and show progress during your lessons.


1 Lesson

Assessment Package

This singular lesson is perfect for those seeking an initial assessment of their swing technique.

$300 + HST

5 Lesson

Development Package

Including both the initial assessment lesson and an additional 4 lessons, this is the ideal selection for those seeking to resolve problem areas identified within their swing.

$900 + HST

10 Lesson

Conquer Package

With 10 lessons included, this package is the perfect gift for any true golfing enthusiast. Identify problem areas, develop techniques to resolve them, then push further still, to outright conquer them!

$1400 + HST

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